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In short, Canada is a genuine pleasure on the eye. Even the cities are great to look at, with plenty of photogenic landmarks to enjoy. Or, you know, make a feature wall out of – as these examples of wall murals demonstrate.

Does a Canada-themed mural take your fancy? Or do you have your own photos of this maazing country? If so, upload them here to create a unique mural all your own.  If not, which country would you like to see featured on your wall? Let us know by emailing


Of course, it’s not just the wildlife – Africa is a beautiful country in its own right. We’ve included a couple of seriously stunning sights too.

We have hundreds of fantastic high quality images in our media library to create an Africa wall mural to suit you. Or, if you’ve been on safari or something and you have your own photos, you can upload them here to create a truly personal feature wall.

Be sure to take a look at the previous stops on our world tour too – so far we’ve visited Australia, Japan and India.


The reason we chose India to feature on our world tour though is its diversity. That diversity includes in its scenery, its wildlife, its architecture and its people – all of which have resulted in some of the most amazing sights the world has to offer, many of which are just PERFECT for a wallpaper mural.

Check this lot out.

Fancy an Indian-themed mural? We’ve got hundreds of images to choose from – or perhaps you have you’re own photographs, in which case upload them here to create a truly unique wallpaper.

Oh, and remember to take a look at our previous world tour stops, Australia and Japan.


From tranquil Japanese gardens through breathtaking scenery to bright lights of major cities like Tokyo, Japan offers something for everyone. Are you inspired to create a Japanese themed wallpaper mural for your home or office? We hope so.

If you missed the first leg of our tour you can check it out here.

There are thousands of Japanese themed images available in our library – we’re sure you can find one that would suit any room in your house or office. Or perhaps you’ve been to the country and taken your own photos which you’d like to see on a feature wall? In that case, upload them to our Wallbuilder and create a unique mural all your own.


What better way to do that than with an easy to install feature wall mural? They really can transform a room, add a personal touch that is unique to you and provide a stunning talking point for your friends and family.

With Spring fast approaching, we took the opportunity to search out some amazing photographs and patterns that reflect the season. Hopefully they will inspire you to make a big change in your home décor this year.

Our library contains thousands of Spring-inspired photos and illustrations. Take a look – see if you can find your ideal wall mural. If you have your own photos of sufficient quality, you can use those too!


We start in Australia, home of natural and manmade wonders alike. And also the furthest point from where we sit right now. So…sit back and enjoy the first leg of the Wallbeard World Tour.

Everyone, we think, has they’re favourite country, whether it’s your own or one you have or would love to visit. Which one is yours? And what do you love about it? Perhaps it could make for a feature wall in your home or office…

Search: Australia


In fact, creating a feature wall in a room in your home or office with a botanical theme is, if you’ll pardon the pun, a very natural thing to do. There are many wallpaper patterns featuring plants and flowers…but they’re all a bit generic and certainly not unique.

But…a feature wall mural IS that. Made to measure too! Here’s some examples.

Search Plants | Search Flowers | Search Botanical


And we think some of the coolest kinds of images for a wall mural are those taken at music festivals.

Big stage, big crowds, big bands, big performances…they combine to create some seriously stunning photos which can be converted to murals.

They are ideal for preserving and showing off your personal memories from the best gigs and festivals you have been to and enjoyed so much.

Below we’ve created some example roomsets to show you what can be achieved. There’s band shots, stage shots and some slightly more…unusual but memorable…shots! Hopefully you will be inspired to go through your own photos and consider making a mural for your home or office.

Upload your photos here and see what you can create.



Entirely at random we have picked out just seven of the locations the National Trust looks after…and, true to Wallbeard form, turned photos of them into amazing wall murals.

Awesome, right?

We would highly recommend joining the National Trust and visiting as many of their locations as you can near you. They are beautiful, they are historic, they are educational and you get some great benefits:

  • Free entry to over 500 special places
  • Free parking at most National Trust car parks
  • Handbook full of ideas to help plan a visit
  • National Trust Magazine three times a year, packed with inspiration, interview and news

If you fancy a wall mural featuring one of the Trust’s many locations, try this search of our library.