Month: December 2018


Graffiti, we freely admit, is an art form in its own right and it can look absolutely stunning. The trouble is, it DOES take a lot of skill, a lot of talent…and a lot of paint.

Or rather, it did until Wallbeard came along. We’ve got a wide range of graffiti style designs to choose from to create a stunning urban wall mural on wallpaper, so all you have to do is hanging it in the room of your choice. Take a look.

We can’t decide which is our favourite here…probably a toss up between the kitchen and the bathroom. But they ALL work very well. Why not go search for your ideal design and get a graffiti wall mural all of your own?


So while Wallbeard offers a lot in the way of photo wallpaper, we are also more than capable of producing high quality patterned or abstract wallpaper too.

In fact, our catalogue of images contains hundreds of designs in this style. Search “abstract”, “patterned” and you’ll be presented with a wide, WIDE range of options to choose from. Be more specific – like “geometric pattern” or whatever it is you’re looking for – and you’ll get even better results.

Then it’s just a case of choosing the pattern that suits you and using our Wallbuilder to create the wallpaper to your specifications.

For interior designers looking for bespoke wallpaper this is a cost effective and fast way to both choose and produce an almost unique look. For homeowners…it’s the same!

We’ve produced some examples for you so you can see just what can be achieved. Your opinion on our choices would be most welcome – please feel to comment on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If you’re an interior designer and you’d like more information about Wallbeard, the wallpapers we use or the designs available, please do get in touch – we’re here to help.


In most homes there tends to be one clutter-free wall in the bathroom, usually against which the bath sits, giving you a centrepiece to work with effortlessly.

So what kind of mural should you be considering? Well, that’s going to be entirely up to your individual taste and décor, but we hope to give some inspiration in this post.

First of all, there are some images that just work in a bathroom. The nature of the room dictates the type of imagery you should be looking for. For example:

  • Flowing water
  • Underwater
  • Trees / Forests
  • Beaches

Here are some roomsets we’ve created, showing different kinds of bathroom wall murals that we think work really well. Remember, thanks to our Wallbuilder technology you can also use your OWN photos, you don’t have to rely on our extensive image bank to create a truly superb looking wall mural for your bathroom.

Waterfall Bathroom Wall Murals

Movement and nature combine to create amazing images for your bathroom.

Waterfall Bathroom Wall Mural

A cascading waterfall positioned with the bath at the centre – almost as if it’s flowing INTO the bath provides a natural and fluid backdrop.

Waterfall Bathroom Wall Mural

A more sedate waterfall bathroom wall mural retains the feeling of movement and fluidity but at a more relaxed pace. The moss covered rocks introduce a fresh, natural green colour to the room.

Underwater Bathroom Wall Murals

Let’s sink beneath the surface for this next set of bathroom wall murals.

Deep Blue Bathroom Wall Mural

The vibrant blue of the water contrasts nicely with the pastel pink of the undersea creature, whilst the small fish add interest to the mural.

Jellyfish Bathroom Wall Mural

Stunning luminescent colour from the jellyfish and the deep blue of the sea really make you feel you’ve descended to the depths whilst you’re relaxing in the bath.

Coral & Fish Bathroom Wall Mural

Even under water there’s plenty of movement , as this shoal of fish proves. The coral provides a nice backdrop, making the bath the centre of attention – as it should be in every bathroom, right?

Rising Bubbles Bathroom Wall Mural

Relaxing, mood enhancing and totally in theme – bubbles! But seriously, this does make a great bathroom wall mural when positioned correctly. We think anyway.

Rain Forest Bathroom Wall Murals

Greenery, serenity and peace.

Rain Forest Pool Bathroom Wall Mural

Introducing serene scenery into a bathroom can be very relaxing, no more so than when it’s a rain forest. This bathroom wall mural goes a step further with a cool, placid forest pool. Bliss.

Rain Forest Mountain Bathroom Wall Mural

You’ll feel like you’re a million miles from civilisation with a wall mural like this – the green, silent rain forest to the fore and the mist covered mountains in the distance give a real feeling of pleasant isolation.

Rain Forest Interior Bathroom Wall Mural

Imagine bathing deep in the lush tropical rain forest with the sounds of wildlife all around you…all you need is this wall mural and a suitable channel on your digital radio!

Alternative Bathroom Wall Murals

Lastly, we have a mix of murals for you to get some ideas from.

Introduce a sense of fantasy into your bathroom with a mermaid style mural – or even, as here, get a designer to create a personalised one with you and your partner!

A moody, atmospheric and mysterious wall mural like this one can work very well in bathrooms with a certain kind of décor.

Another underwater scene, yes, but here we are suggesting you personalise it by using a photo of your own – it could be you or someone you know diving, it could be an underwater shot of your child learning to swim or something entirely different. The point is, it’s personal to you.

We did say a beach makes for a good bathroom wall mural earlier…what we like about this one is how it is almost symmetrical, puts the bath to the forefront and can be dreamed about while in the bath…you could almost be there.

What other ideas do you have a for a bathroom wall mural? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


…time to freshen and brighten up your home then. Spring is a traditional time to consider redecorating your home, whether it’s just one room or a full makeover. So we wanted to give you a few ideas for your home in the form of Spring-related wall murals that are sure to brighten up any of your rooms and put a ‘spring’ in your step (excuse the pun, please).

Have a look at these ideas, browse our extensive collection by searching “spring” and remember, you can even upload your own photos to create a truly unique and personal wall mural.


Not only do these wall murals call to the explorer in all of us, they can be quite educational and, more importantly, they bring a touch of class to whichever room you choose to have them in.

That’s right, we’re hoping to provide you with some inspiration with these examples of world map wall murals. Take a look, see what you think, and then browse our wide range of world maps to choose the one that’s just right for your home or office.

If you decide to go for a world map or similar travel related wall mural for your home or office, we’d love to see it. You can share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


We spent some time browsing Pinterest earlier today, looking for some wall mural inspiration, and one theme kept cropping up, one which we just had to share with you – 3D wall murals.

With a little bit of imagination and care in choosing just the right image for your wall the results can be absolutely amazing. We were genuinely blown away by some of these and reckon you will be too.

Want a 3D wall mural for your home? Search here.