Month: January 2019


You know the type of thing we mean. The Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, that sort of thing…those buildings and landmarks that, no matter what, you recognise instantly.

They make for truly stunning wall murals, murals suitable for many places. Living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, home offices or even normal offices.

Have a look at the ones we’ve chosen here – we bet you know them all (or do you..?). Better yet, we bet you think they make AMAZING wall murals.

Which landmark would you like for a mural? Let us know on Facebook.


Yes, we’ve gone international!

We produced two large scale murals for commercial client Eagle Technical Products, manufacturers of firefighter and industrial flame retardant protective clothing, for use at an exhibition in the country. The murals featured the company logo and images of firefighters and were designed to complement the company’s stand at the Intersec exhibition.

Both murals were 3.5m tall, one measuring 2.5m across, the other 4m across, totalling six panels in all, and were printed on our Peel & Stick wallpaper.

Peel & Stick offers many benefits for commercial applications.

  • Durable
  • Makes no mess
  • No need for tables or paste
  • Quick and easy to install

We’re told it took two men just 48 minutes to install this mural on site – that’s impressive in a busy exhibition set up environment!

Take a look at the finished stand below. We think it looks very impressive and is sure to catch the eye and attract people to the Eagle stand during the three day long exhibition.

If you’re in need of a wall mural for your business, then get in touch to Wallbeard today – we provide a fast, efficient service and a quality product in terms of both print quality and material.



Their beautiful simplicity can be a joy to behold, especially when you discover them in unexpected places and unusual forms.

What got us thinking about circles, you may ask? A coffee stain from the base of a mug. No, really, it did! It just happened to catch our eye and trigger something.

Circles have long been used in wallpaper design. But perhaps not in Wallbeard’s WEIRD and WONDERFUL way…

We’ve put together some circle-centric wallpaper inspiration for you to peruse. Will you discover the satisfaction of circles? Let us know what you think on Facebook.

Can you see why we love a circle? Simple, beautiful, versatile and everywhere. What ideas can you come up with for a wall mural involving it?


The mural, printed on our Peel & Stick, features black and white interlocking 3D blocks of stone and creates a striking contrast to the otherwise pain walls in this office.

The quality of the print using this high definition image, combined with the correct choice of wallpaper, is what makes this look soooooooo good. See?

The mural is the feature wall in this office.

Stark contrast to the other, plain, walls.

Amazing detail has been achieved by our printer.

The mural was created using our bespoke Wallbuilder technology, with the image chosen from the thousands we have available right now.

If you need a wall mural for your office or other place of work, take a look at what we can do for commercial customers. Alternatively, if you’d like a 3D wall mural for your home, then search through our collection to see which one you like best.