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The 6m x 4m garden room, situated at the end of the garden, houses a pool table with plenty of space for other activities.

But what really sets it off in our view is the amazing wall mural chosen from our photo library. The tropical beach boasts palm trees, white sand, a blue, blue sea and sky and tree covered mountains in the distance. It’s a remarkable photo and looks genuinely amazing in Ben’s garden room.

Ben chose our hard wearing, high quality Paste the Wall wallpaper for his mural. It’s simple to install and will stand the test of time.

Choose your own beach wall mural or, if you wish, use the same one as Ben!

Oh, and if it’s a garden room you’re after, check out X-POD


Richard’s mural featured pigeons in flight at various heights which he wanted to match to the slope of the ceiling. In addition, he had a second photograph which needed scaling to fit a smaller feature wall.

We were able to advise on the correct cropping and scaling of each, based on some rudimentary sketches he had provided. Satisfied that the final versions of the photos woul do the trick, he went on to place his order.

We printed the photographs to a high standard on Richard’s chosen wallpaper type; Paste the Wall. Did it all go to plan?

Take a look at the photos he kindly sent into us and make your own minds up!

Here’s what Richard had to say about his mural and Wallbeard:

“I have used these two scenes as wall paper on two separate complete walls in a downstairs cloakroom with a sloping ceiling painted pale blue to represent the sky, it looks fabulous!

“It has now been up for ten days or so and looks wonderful. Everyone who sees it thinks it is great and wants to know how I achieved this, so you are getting lots of publicity for free!!!

“Many thanks for a great result and your telephone help in achieving it.”

We’re delighted Richard is so happy with the results – and we invite you to ask us for help for your mural. We will always do what we can to get you the best feature wall you can imagine.


The Stunning Beauty Co. is themed around the beach and holidays – as you would expect of a tanning and beauty salon – but Tanya has gone the extra mile, choosing décor and fixtures that really drive the theme home.

As well as the pink VW camper van front for one of her counters, Tanya chose a mural that matched, as you can see the photo at the top of this article (cropped to suit the location). She installed the mural behind the counter, giving the impression of actually being at the beach when you’re there. Tanya thinks it looks fantastic, and we agree.

I trust you’ll agree it’s the perfect setting for this particular wall mural. This is in my new tanning salon. I’m absolutely delighted with it.

If you’re in need of a tan or a little pampering and you’re in the Milton Keynes area you should pop along and see Tanya’s mural for yourself!

Big thanks to her for sharing this with us. Why not check out all our beach themed murals.


For cyclist Martin Dobbie the photo was perfect for a motivational Wallbeard wall mural for his garage. As Martin says himself:

As you’ll see from the picture it was just for my garage and I have just Blutacked it to my breeze block wall. It’s been there for months and friends like it. My cycling goal is to get up Sa Calobra in 35 mins hence the picture of Sa Calobra – I’ve since stuck a few Post It notes on it next to the riders in the picture as extra motivation!

Martin took the original image form our library and cropped it down to the right dimensions for the space in his garage, measuring 1.3m wide by 1.5 metres high. It now has pride of place surrounded by his cycling paraphernalia.

Sa Calobra Wall Mural

What does Martin think of our service?

Process was very easy and was surprised at how many pictures you had on the site. My original plan was to use a picture I had on my phone but didn’t need to in the end as I was spoiled for choice with the professional ones you had on your site…great service, great process and great product as far as I’m concerned.

Big thanks to Martin for his kind comments and best of luck to him on his goal to climb Sa Calobra in 35 minutes!

Get your motivational – or otherwise! – wall mural now. Search our library or upload your own!



The children’s indoor play centre provides 300 square metres of play area for children, complete with coffee lounge and seating for adults and practical rooms for birthdays and lunches for the kids.

The company has so far had three wall murals from Wallbeard, two of which have already been installed at Big Space.

A spaceman with his crashed ship features in the toilets at Big Space. We wonder if it was chosen specifically for the spaceman’s position…

This wonderful UFO mural creates a feature wall at the end of a corridor.

The third wall mural is a simple “Happy Birthday” mural, measuring over 4m in width and destined to be installed in one of the rooms used for kid’s birthday parties.

Lester Adams of Big Space was also kind enough to leave us a Trustpilot review:

Trustpilot Review: Lester Adams

Much appreciated, Lester!

Whether you’re looking to redecorate a room in your home or business, choose Wallbeard for high quality, cost effective printed photo wallpaper wall murals and excellent customer service.

Search now for your mural or upload your own.

Stay wonderful.


John and Susan N. chose this wonderful black and white image of Liverpool, which clearly features Liverpool’s famous liver birds atop the Grade I listed Royal Liver Building, for their kitchen and it matches well with their existing décor.

The couple chose our Paste the Wall wallpaper, which can be hung easily with almost no mess and no need for a pasting table.

We think it looks superb.

You can share your Wallbeard wall murals with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (tag us – @wallbeard) – and if you need some inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards.


Yes, we’ve gone international!

We produced two large scale murals for commercial client Eagle Technical Products, manufacturers of firefighter and industrial flame retardant protective clothing, for use at an exhibition in the country. The murals featured the company logo and images of firefighters and were designed to complement the company’s stand at the Intersec exhibition.

Both murals were 3.5m tall, one measuring 2.5m across, the other 4m across, totalling six panels in all, and were printed on our Peel & Stick wallpaper.

Peel & Stick offers many benefits for commercial applications.

  • Durable
  • Makes no mess
  • No need for tables or paste
  • Quick and easy to install

We’re told it took two men just 48 minutes to install this mural on site – that’s impressive in a busy exhibition set up environment!

Take a look at the finished stand below. We think it looks very impressive and is sure to catch the eye and attract people to the Eagle stand during the three day long exhibition.

If you’re in need of a wall mural for your business, then get in touch to Wallbeard today – we provide a fast, efficient service and a quality product in terms of both print quality and material.



The mural, printed on our Peel & Stick, features black and white interlocking 3D blocks of stone and creates a striking contrast to the otherwise pain walls in this office.

The quality of the print using this high definition image, combined with the correct choice of wallpaper, is what makes this look soooooooo good. See?

The mural is the feature wall in this office.

Stark contrast to the other, plain, walls.

Amazing detail has been achieved by our printer.

The mural was created using our bespoke Wallbuilder technology, with the image chosen from the thousands we have available right now.

If you need a wall mural for your office or other place of work, take a look at what we can do for commercial customers. Alternatively, if you’d like a 3D wall mural for your home, then search through our collection to see which one you like best.


The company chose a photo of the Manhattan skyline at dusk to be printed on Peel & Stick photo wallpaper for ease of installation.

Measuring almost 2.79m wide by 1.65m high, the mural was printed on three panels, each 93cm in width. Here it is in situ:

Outstanding Branding Wall Mural

Sales & Marketing Director Andy Thorne said:

We are really happy. Thank you, Wallbeard.

No problem at all, Andy!

To get started creating your own wall mural – whether for your office or home – you can browse our vast collection or upload your own image. We’ll do the rest!