Month: February 2020


Entirely at random we have picked out just seven of the locations the National Trust looks after…and, true to Wallbeard form, turned photos of them into amazing wall murals.

Awesome, right?

We would highly recommend joining the National Trust and visiting as many of their locations as you can near you. They are beautiful, they are historic, they are educational and you get some great benefits:

  • Free entry to over 500 special places
  • Free parking at most National Trust car parks
  • Handbook full of ideas to help plan a visit
  • National Trust Magazine three times a year, packed with inspiration, interview and news

If you fancy a wall mural featuring one of the Trust’s many locations, try this search of our library.


While we wish all those affected by flooding and damage the very best, the recent storms did remind just how much we love a bit of thunder and lightning. Let’s face it…storms are dramatic…and because they’re dramatic they make for amazing images and artwork. Which in turn make for stunning wallpaper murals. Like these…

Are you inspired to add the drama of the storm to a feature wall in your home or office? Search ‘storm’ or upload your own.


The 6m x 4m garden room, situated at the end of the garden, houses a pool table with plenty of space for other activities.

But what really sets it off in our view is the amazing wall mural chosen from our photo library. The tropical beach boasts palm trees, white sand, a blue, blue sea and sky and tree covered mountains in the distance. It’s a remarkable photo and looks genuinely amazing in Ben’s garden room.

Ben chose our hard wearing, high quality Paste the Wall wallpaper for his mural. It’s simple to install and will stand the test of time.

Choose your own beach wall mural or, if you wish, use the same one as Ben!

Oh, and if it’s a garden room you’re after, check out X-POD


Yes, it’s that time of year again when we show our partners just how much we care by giving gifts of flowers, cards and chocolates. Some people, of course, go the extra mile and book romantic breaks or buy expensive jewellery.

Why not be a bit different this year? Show your walls some love with a romantically themed wall mural! Ok, it might be considered a weird Valentine’s gift…but wall murals are a great way to introduce some love, some colour and even commemorate your most treasured memories – at any time of the year.

Here’s a few ideas.

If these have inspired you search our image library for love, hearts and Valentine – you’re bound to find something for your home. Or you can upload your own photos.

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It’s quite a diverse range of colours, including as it does Champagne, Navy Blue (which ties in nicely with PANTONE’s Colour of the Year), Golden Yellow, Olive Green, Light Pink, Dark Red, Charcoal and Mango.

Some of these colours will work well on their own, such as Champagne, whilst others can be combined to great effect – we like the idea of Charcoal and Mango, for example.

As a company that produces made to measure wallpaper murals for amazing feature walls, you’d expect us to say that all of these colours can be used to produce a mural you will love. And you’d be right!

To give you an idea of what can be achieved, we’ve created an example for each colour or colour combination. See what you think.


Champagne Wall Mural

When you think of champagne, you think of bubbles, so that’s what we’ve gone for here but really any wallpaper mural design that contains that beautiful golden shade would keep you on trend this year.

Search Champagne

Navy Blue

Navy Blue Wall Mural

Navy blue is a very versatile colour and gives you the freedom to choose all kinds of images with the shade. Here we’ve opted for an image with warmth and comfort, one that would work well in a number of rooms, including the bathroom and bedroom.

Search Navy Blue

Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow Wall Mural

Yellow can brighten up any room but too much of it can actually have the opposite effect – that’s why it lends itself extremely well to a feature wall, like this one. We’re not talking about a bright yellow when we say Golden Yellow. It’s muted, more subtle, almost pastel, so choose wisely as anything too bright will not be on trend!

Search Golden Yellow

Olive Green

Olive Green

You might think olive green is a drab colour but it actually works really well as an accent colour. With this idea we’ve gone for an olive green embroidery image, introducing the colour to a bedroom roomset and reflecting the room’s use itself.

Search Olive Green

Light Pink

Light Pink Wall Mural

Subtle and beautiful, light pink for us is a welcome addition to the 2020 colour trends. It’s perfect for bedrooms, girl’s rooms (if that’s not too stereotypical these days), bathrooms and other areas. Evocative of tree blossom, as with our example here, it whispers spring…which is ideal for this time of year as we’re almost there!

Search Light Pink

Dark Red

Dark Red

Dark red is one of this rich and warming colours that can be used both as an accent or in full in a room. It can also be combined with other shades of red with ease. Here we have chosen to use an image with lighting that shifts the colours from dark red on the outside to lighter shades closer to the middle of the flower. It focuses the eye and brigs a natural, floral element to the bathroom.

Search Dark Red

Mango & Charcoal

Mango & Charcoal Wall Mural

As we said right at the start of this article, we think mango and charcoal belong together. The dark grey shade contrasts so beautifully with the pastel orange of the mango. The first thing that sprang to mind was sunsets…so we’ve gone for that with the shades included. Remember you can opt for a wall mural in one colour or the other and then contrast with the other walls, with accessories, cushions and other items in the room. Because these colours go SO well together, it’s really easy to do – you just need to balance it.

Search Sunset | Search Mango | Search Charcoal


Not got a clue who will win this one, not a clue. But we do know you can be a winner with an American football themed wallpaper mural. The imagery the sport produces is awesome. Here’s some ideas for you.

If you’re watching the game later we really hope you enjoy it…and if you do, why not consider a wall mural? Search for American football, Superbowl, Super Bowl or NFL for all kinds of stunning ideas.