Month: October 2018


Have you ever considered a Christmas themed wall mural though? We’re betting you haven’t. And yet they can be incredibly versatile. Not only can they turn a room into your own private Santa’s Grotto, but they can also make even the smallest space feel suitably Christmas-y – without the need for other decorations or even that blasted tree!

You may prefer a winter-y scene designed to compliment your Christmas decorations in the living room, or a kid’s Christmas theme for their bedrooms, or even something extremely stylish for the office that brings the Christmas feeling in without compromising on the professional look. You see? VERSATILE.

“Why would I decorate a room with wallpaper for only two weeks or so?” I hear you cry. Good question!

If you choose our self adhesive wallpaper you can have a semi-permanent Christmas wall mural that is relatively easy to remove after the holiday. The wallpaper is super simple to put up, will STAY up for as long as you need it and should come down from most wall surfaces just as easily and in one piece*.

That’s the technical bit out of the way – now let these examples inspire you!

Christmas Baubles Wall Mural

Just a touch of Christmas can be introduced into your office reception area – here it’s just a touch of green and a couple of balls!

Gold Stars Wall Mural

A shower of golden stars to bring that festive feeling into your living room.

Christmas Food Wall Mural

Food is a big deal at Christmas and the kitchen is often the base for parties – so why not bring a bit of festive cheer into yours?

Fireplace Wall Mural

No fireplace? No problem! Introduce one with a warming wall mural (and yes, we know there’s a fireplace in this particular living room!).

Christmas Presents Wall Mural

Of course, you can’t have Christmas without presents, can you!

Santa & Sleigh Wall Mural

A beautiful mural for the children’s bedroom – simple, elegant and oh so Christmas-y!

Santa & Sleigh Wall Mural

And a slightly more grown up version for the living room!

Snowman Wall Mural

Who doesn’t love a snowman? This fun one is great for kid’s bedrooms.

Snowman & Christmas Tree Wall Mural

Another snowman theme, but this one is a bit warmer and includes a lit Christmas tree – ideal for the kids again.

Christmas Tree Wall Mural

Classy, Christmas-y and Corporate…well, sort of. But we think this wall mural is perfect for offices, don’t you?

Honestly, there are hundreds of Christmas themed wall murals to choose from, or maybe you have your own? Either way, it’s a great way to invoke the Christmas spirit in your own home or in the office. And remember, choose our self adhesive wallpaper and it’ll be super simple to take it down in the New Year too!

*Assuming you hang your wallpaper on a surface as described in the instructions we send. If used to overlay painted walls or other wallpaper, self adhesive wallpaper my not stay up as intended and will likely damage the underlying surface on removal.



We don’t think so. That’s why, if you’re after a bedroom wall mural, we recommend opting for a vista like the ones below.

Some are designed to be calming, some dramatic and some a little bit of both. We hope you’ll find some inspiration here and opt for cloud-based photo wallpaper for your bedroom, which we would be more than happy to print for you on one of our high quality wallpapers, of course!

Basic Cloud Wall Mural

Blue skies, white clouds…ideal for waking up to and sure to put you in a good mood for the rest of your day…every day.

Busy Clouds Wall Mural

Think about the layout of your bedroom and what, if anything, is going to go against the wall where your mural sits. This busier cloud formation works well with a bed against it.

Moving Clouds Wall Mural

There are many cloud formations to choose from – this one introduces an element of movement to your bedroom.

Rainbow Clouds Wall Mural

You can add just a splash of colour to your cloud mural with a rainbow. Positioned properly, a rainbow can be used to make your bed a centrepiece too.

Double Rainbow Cloud Mural

Or you can offset it to create a more striking effect – this one even has a double rainbow going on!

Sunburst Cloud Wall Mural

Imagine waking up to every morning to this glorious sunrise? It doesn’t always have to be blue skies…

Sunset Clouds Wall Mural

Or perhaps this warm, cloudy sunset is more to your taste? The oranges and yellows will really stand out in any bedroom.

Gradient Clouds Wall Mural

Reminiscent of the sun setting over the Serengeti – at least to us – this mural retains the cloud theme but brings in a stunning array of hues. Relaxing and dynamic at the same time.

Lightning Clouds Wall Mural

If you’ve got a hankering for the dramatic though…this is the type of wall mural you could be looking for. Choose wisely in terms of photo and positioning and you have a genuinely stunning bit of wall art.

We hope this gives you some ideas for a wall mural for your bedroom and illustrates how diverse even one theme can be. If you’ve got a cloud or sky themed wall mural in your home, why not share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


Do you prefer being outdoors than in? Do you have a love of nature, animals and the world at large?

If so, we imagine that being indoors has you feeling a little claustrophobic, pining for the space you enjoy beyond your front door. Well, we can help.

Wallbeard has a wide selection of wall murals featuring scenery, animals and nature in general which you can use to create a feature wall in any room in your house – your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom or dining room included.

By using photo wallpaper you really can create a ‘window’ into nature – nature from anywhere in the world!

Take a look at these brilliant examples.

Bathroom Wall Murals

Coral Reef Bathroom Wall Mural

What better room in the house is there for an underwater wall mural? This one displays the beauty of a coral reef.

Waterfall Bathroom Wall Mural

Relax in the bath with this stunning waterfall backdrop, perfectly combining natural greens and the flow of water. Ideal for bathroom décor.

Kitchen Wall Murals

Farm / Field Kitchen Wall Mural

There is no better room in the house to introduce a window onto nature – this one shows the splendour of the Yorkshire countryside.

Lake Kitchen Wall Mural

Look out onto the calm of the lake, the majesty of the mountains and the splendour of the forest.

Living Room Wall Murals

Elephant Living Room Wall Mural

A wall mural doesn’t have to be colourful – when you have the amazing elephant as your subject, it’s all you need. A stunning wildlife mural for the living room.

Tiger Living Room Wall Mural

The living room seems the ideal room to show your love of animals to us – this tiger wall mural creates quite an effect, don’t you think?

Dining Room Wall Murals

Beach Dining Room Wall Mural

Gaze out across the sea to this tropical island while dining with friends and family. A great idea for a dining room wall mural.

Jungle Dining Room Wall Mural

In the jungle, the mighty jungle…you’ll often find bamboo! Which makes for a stunning backdrop for your dining room with its vibrant colours.

Bedroom Wall Murals

Cave / Beach Bedroom Wall Mural

Look from the comfort of your bed out of this coastal cave to the beach and sea beyond. Stunning wall mural.

Forest Bedroom Wall Mural

Peace and tranquillity is what you want in your bedroom and this avenue of trees brings it in spades. For a bedroom wall mural it’s perfect.

Perhaps you’re a keen photographer – at Wallbeard we give you the opportunity to use your own high resolution photographs to create natural wall murals with a far more personal touch.

Just choose the image you want, upload it to our Wallbuilder and away you go. For a long lasting mural, we recommend choosing our Paste the Wall wallpaper. It’s 250gsm and ideally suited to high traffic areas and durable enough to last for years.

As ever, we’d love to see the wall mural(s) you choose for your home. Email them in to or share them with us on Facebook and we’ll publish them right here on the Wallblog.


Each year Mastercard publishes its Global Destination Cities Index, which ranks over 160 cities on how popular they will be with tourists.

The top 10 rarely changes, except in order, so we thought it would be fun to see how cityscape photos from each of these 10 cities would look on a wall mural in your home or office.

Is your favourite city on the list? If so, perhaps you’d like a mural of your very own?

So here we go…starting with the 10th most visited city in 2018…

10. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul Cityscape Wall Mural

The Lotte Tower dominates the Seoul skyline. Makes for a stunning office wall mural.

9. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul skyline wall mural

Istanbul’s colourful buildings make for a great backdrop wall mural.

8. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Skyline Wall Mural

One of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, Tokyo’s skyline at night lights up like Christmas – perfect wall mural for the dining room or living room.

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Skyline Wall Mural

When you think KL, you think Petronas Towers. An ideal wall mural for an international office.

6. New York City, USA

New York City Wall Mural

A different take on the standard New York skyline murals we see – this one shot from above, showing New York’s grid layout at night.

5. Singapore

Singapore Skyline Wall Mural

Singapore could be described as the home of the skyscraper these days – as evidenced by this fantastic wall mural!

4. Dubai, UAE

Dubai Cityscape Wall Mural

Dubai has a plethora of recognisable landmarks and continues to develop at rapid speed. But we bet you’ve never seen anything like this view before!

3. Paris, France

Paris Skyline Wall Mural

You can’t have a Paris wall mural without including the Eiffel Tower! This one looks great in the living room.

2. London, England

London Skyline Wall Mural

With its blend of historic and modern architecture, it’s no wonder London is the second most visited city on the planet. Here you can see Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf in the same shot – super mural!

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Wall Mural

And finally…the world’s most visited city, Bangkok in Thailand. The city has so much to offer but for this mural we chose one from the streets. Gives you a real flavour of the city, don’t you think?

You can search for your own city wall mural in each of these cities just by clicking on the name above. Or, indeed, any city of your choice on the Search page. There are hundreds of images to choose from to create the PERFECT skyline or cityscape wall mural for your home or office.

Oh, and as a bonus, as Wallbeard is based in Manchester, we thought we’d pick a Manchester skyline to show you!

Manchester Wall Mural

The famous Manchester Ship Canal with the Beetham Tower sitting in the background. Manchester all over!