Month: March 2020


What better way to do that than with an easy to install feature wall mural? They really can transform a room, add a personal touch that is unique to you and provide a stunning talking point for your friends and family.

With Spring fast approaching, we took the opportunity to search out some amazing photographs and patterns that reflect the season. Hopefully they will inspire you to make a big change in your home décor this year.

Our library contains thousands of Spring-inspired photos and illustrations. Take a look – see if you can find your ideal wall mural. If you have your own photos of sufficient quality, you can use those too!


We start in Australia, home of natural and manmade wonders alike. And also the furthest point from where we sit right now. So…sit back and enjoy the first leg of the Wallbeard World Tour.

Everyone, we think, has they’re favourite country, whether it’s your own or one you have or would love to visit. Which one is yours? And what do you love about it? Perhaps it could make for a feature wall in your home or office…

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In fact, creating a feature wall in a room in your home or office with a botanical theme is, if you’ll pardon the pun, a very natural thing to do. There are many wallpaper patterns featuring plants and flowers…but they’re all a bit generic and certainly not unique.

But…a feature wall mural IS that. Made to measure too! Here’s some examples.

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And we think some of the coolest kinds of images for a wall mural are those taken at music festivals.

Big stage, big crowds, big bands, big performances…they combine to create some seriously stunning photos which can be converted to murals.

They are ideal for preserving and showing off your personal memories from the best gigs and festivals you have been to and enjoyed so much.

Below we’ve created some example roomsets to show you what can be achieved. There’s band shots, stage shots and some slightly more…unusual but memorable…shots! Hopefully you will be inspired to go through your own photos and consider making a mural for your home or office.

Upload your photos here and see what you can create.