One of the coolest things about Wallbeard is that we give you the ability to use your OWN photos to create photo wallpaper. Images unique to you to create wallpaper murals unique to you.

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And we think some of the coolest kinds of images for a wall mural are those taken at music festivals.

Big stage, big crowds, big bands, big performances…they combine to create some seriously stunning photos which can be converted to murals.

They are ideal for preserving and showing off your personal memories from the best gigs and festivals you have been to and enjoyed so much.

Below we’ve created some example roomsets to show you what can be achieved. There’s band shots, stage shots and some slightly more…unusual but memorable…shots! Hopefully you will be inspired to go through your own photos and consider making a mural for your home or office.

Upload your photos here and see what you can create.


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