Wallbuilder Image Uploader

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Uploading your image

You can upload any digital image to the Wallbuilder. However, in order for us to be to create a wall mural for you they need to:

  • Be a JPG or TIFF
  • Be a minimum of 96DPI (300DPI is best)
  • Be the equivalent in pixels of your wall dimensions in mm (ie, a 2m wide wall would require the image to be 2000 pixels in width)
  • Be a minimum of 6 megapixels (eg, 3000px x 2000px = 6 megapixels)

What WILL work

  • Almost any image taken with a modern digital camera
  • Images taken on a smartphone IF the camera is set to it's highest setting

What WON'T work

  • Almost any images downloaded from search engine image searches (ie, Google Images)
  • Photos taken on smartphones where the camera settings are too low

Uploading a logo or pattern?

If you want to recreate your company logo for your business or you have a pattern you'd like to create a wallpaper from, then please contact us rather than use the Wallbuilder - we can help where it cannot!