Month: May 2019


On one wall, at least!

A feature wall in a bathroom can be a very powerful thing. It can bring it to life. It can even change your mood when you’re in it.

A carefully chosen bathroom wallpaper positioned on the right wall. This is usually – but not necessarily – behind the bath so as to make it the central focus of the room. But it really depends on the size and layout of your bathroom. In this, the decision will be yours.

In this post, we’d like to give you some ideas for choosing the right mural.


Bathrooms are all about water, from the shower to the bath to the sink, running water is the central theme and use of your bathroom. Opting for a wallpaper that reflects this can produce amazing results.

Search: Waterfall / Rapids


For a more sedate, relaxing water themed mural it makes sense to dip below the surface and explore the wonders of the underwater world. You can turn your bathroom into a window to the depths or perhaps just paddle around the shallows…

Search: Underwater


Our bathrooms are often the rooms we go to to get away from it all, wash away the stresses of the day with a long, hot bath. As such, it follows that the décor in our bathrooms should assist with this. Choosing a calming, tranquil image for your feature wall will feel as good as it looks.

Search: Tranquil


As we’ve said, water is the overarching theme in any bathroom. But you may not want that to play through your entire décor. Instead you could choose to compliment it by introducing other natural themes.

Search: Sand / Stone / Wood

There is so much more you can do with your bathroom when you choose wallpaper – specifically photo wallpaper – over plain tiles. And this is just a fraction of the options open to you. Trick is to think outside the bath, get creative in your own style and make it work for you. What do you think? Would you go for a bathroom wallpaper mural in your home?


A quote dripping with truth. We’ve all grown up on the streets of our hometown, messing about with friends, sometimes getting home late and now, as adults, we walk our streets, we contribute to our streets, to the vibrancy and life they buzz with each and every day.

With a Wallbeard wall mural you can bring a touch of that street life into your home to enjoy. We have a wide selection of street life photo wallpaper to choose from or, even better, you can take your own photos and upload them to our Wallbuilder to create your own amazing wall mural.

Want some inspiration? Have a look at these…

SO much goes on on our streets and we miss most of it, busy as we are with our lives, so to be able to capture a moment of it and display it on the walls of our homes (or offices) is something really quite special. Hopefully you agree. We’d love to see some of your street life photos (or murals!) – so why not share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?


If you’re looking to go bold with your décor then this is the colour combination you want. Black denotes power, mystery and sophistication, while red just oozes, passion, strength and desire. How awesome is that?

We’ve put together some ideas to inspire your creative side and, hopefully, convince you to opt for a bespoke wall mural for your home or office.

So what do you think? Are you BOLD enough to RED & BLACK with your home or office? Of course you are! Go search for your favourite now – or upload your own!