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We don’t think so. That’s why, if you’re after a bedroom wall mural, we recommend opting for a vista like the ones below.

Some are designed to be calming, some dramatic and some a little bit of both. We hope you’ll find some inspiration here and opt for cloud-based photo wallpaper for your bedroom, which we would be more than happy to print for you on one of our high quality wallpapers, of course!

Basic Cloud Wall Mural

Blue skies, white clouds…ideal for waking up to and sure to put you in a good mood for the rest of your day…every day.

Busy Clouds Wall Mural

Think about the layout of your bedroom and what, if anything, is going to go against the wall where your mural sits. This busier cloud formation works well with a bed against it.

Moving Clouds Wall Mural

There are many cloud formations to choose from – this one introduces an element of movement to your bedroom.

Rainbow Clouds Wall Mural

You can add just a splash of colour to your cloud mural with a rainbow. Positioned properly, a rainbow can be used to make your bed a centrepiece too.

Double Rainbow Cloud Mural

Or you can offset it to create a more striking effect – this one even has a double rainbow going on!

Sunburst Cloud Wall Mural

Imagine waking up to every morning to this glorious sunrise? It doesn’t always have to be blue skies…

Sunset Clouds Wall Mural

Or perhaps this warm, cloudy sunset is more to your taste? The oranges and yellows will really stand out in any bedroom.

Gradient Clouds Wall Mural

Reminiscent of the sun setting over the Serengeti – at least to us – this mural retains the cloud theme but brings in a stunning array of hues. Relaxing and dynamic at the same time.

Lightning Clouds Wall Mural

If you’ve got a hankering for the dramatic though…this is the type of wall mural you could be looking for. Choose wisely in terms of photo and positioning and you have a genuinely stunning bit of wall art.

We hope this gives you some ideas for a wall mural for your bedroom and illustrates how diverse even one theme can be. If you’ve got a cloud or sky themed wall mural in your home, why not share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?