When Tanya Wesson opened her tanning and beauty salon in Milton Keynes she chose a Wallbeard wall mural to match the theme she had in mind.

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The Stunning Beauty Co. is themed around the beach and holidays – as you would expect of a tanning and beauty salon – but Tanya has gone the extra mile, choosing décor and fixtures that really drive the theme home.

As well as the pink VW camper van front for one of her counters, Tanya chose a mural that matched, as you can see the photo at the top of this article (cropped to suit the location). She installed the mural behind the counter, giving the impression of actually being at the beach when you’re there. Tanya thinks it looks fantastic, and we agree.

I trust you’ll agree it’s the perfect setting for this particular wall mural. This is in my new tanning salon. I’m absolutely delighted with it.

If you’re in need of a tan or a little pampering and you’re in the Milton Keynes area you should pop along and see Tanya’s mural for yourself!

Big thanks to her for sharing this with us. Why not check out all our beach themed murals.

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