While many of the articles on the Wallblog focus on specific styles and personalisation, we know that for certain situations and for certain people – particularly interior designers – a more abstract approach to décor is popular.

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So while Wallbeard offers a lot in the way of photo wallpaper, we are also more than capable of producing high quality patterned or abstract wallpaper too.

In fact, our catalogue of images contains hundreds of designs in this style. Search “abstract”, “patterned” and you’ll be presented with a wide, WIDE range of options to choose from. Be more specific – like “geometric pattern” or whatever it is you’re looking for – and you’ll get even better results.

Then it’s just a case of choosing the pattern that suits you and using our Wallbuilder to create the wallpaper to your specifications.

For interior designers looking for bespoke wallpaper this is a cost effective and fast way to both choose and produce an almost unique look. For homeowners…it’s the same!

We’ve produced some examples for you so you can see just what can be achieved. Your opinion on our choices would be most welcome – please feel to comment on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If you’re an interior designer and you’d like more information about Wallbeard, the wallpapers we use or the designs available, please do get in touch – we’re here to help.

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