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Colour of the Year 2020 - Classic BlueDescribed as a “universal favourite” and “a reassuring presence instilling calm, confidence and connection”, Classic Blue is a deep shade of cobalt blue and, according to the company, is already being used in interior design.

We like it and we think it – and variations on it – can be used to create amazing feature walls in a variety of rooms in the home and office.

While you can’t search for the exact shade in our library, you can search for ‘classic blue‘, ‘cobalt blue‘ and ‘azure blue‘, all of which will return some fantastic murals containing or close to Pantone’s Colour of the Year.

We used our database to come up with these ideas for your inspiration.

Each of these murals obviously plays up to PANTONE’s Colour of the Year and underlines their choice as calming, confident and promoting clear thought. Here at Wallbeard we just love a good, strong blue…what do you think? Will you be going for a blue feature wall in 2020. Go search for one, see if you can find something you like.


Interior Design Blogs

We spend hours researching the latest interior design and decorating trends to inspire our wall murals and pattern wallpaper. During the course of that research we return again and gain to the same designers and bloggers. Why? Because they’re the best at what they do…at least in our opinion!

To get you ready for 2020 we’ve listed our favourite 10 for you. You should check them out to give you ideas and inspiration ahead of redecorating. In no particular order, let’s kick it off with…

Mad About The House

Mad About The House

Written by award winning interiors journalist Kate Watson-Smyth, Mad About The House is a treasure trove of design ideas, tips and advice for improving the look of every room in your home, whether large or small.

Kate has regular features, including Monday Inspiration and The Househunter – which is great for looking into other people’s homes (we all do it!). In keeping with the Wallbeard theme of wallpaper murals and patterns, Kate has written plenty of articles on the subject. Check them out while you’re over there.

Love Chic Living

Love Chic Living

Jen Stanbrook’s Love Chic Living blog is a favourite of ours not only because it is beautifully designed (as you’d expect) and easy to read, but because her articles on wallpaper are genuinely superb. She even did a regular Wallpaper Wednesday feature a few years ago, which are still valuable today.

Love Chic Living isn’t all about wallpaper though – theirs a ton of tips and advice for getting the best out of your home, with a particular focus on smaller rooms. Well worth reading through before you start your first 2020 decorating project.


Print & Pattern

Slightly off piste is the wonderful Print&Pattern blog which focuses on surface pattern design – that includes cards, gift wrap, fabrics and, of course, wallpaper. The blog has been around for for over a decade and has had over 24 million visits in that time, so you can see how popular it is.

Because the focus isn’t just on interior design it’s refreshing to read and provides plenty of inspiration for all kinds of design work, a lot of which can still be applied to decorating. Of course, we do recommend checking out the wallpaper and wall art topics while you’re there!

Fabric Of My Life

Fabric of my Life

If it’s passion you’re looking for then Kate Baxter’s blog is the place to go. She blogs about all kinds of things – lifestyle, travel, food and interior design. Obviously. Oh, and Manchester, which we love as that’s where we live and work too!

It’s the passion we return for though. Kate’s writing style is a super read, every blog post is interesting. The interior inspiration section is what you’ll be looking for, no doubt, and we’re happy to say it’s rammed with ideas on colours, furniture, furnishings and more. Genuinely one of our favourites.

Fresh Design Blog

Fresh Design Blog

What a super blog for those who love the modern and contemporary. Rachel Newcombe has been writing Fresh Design Blog since 2009 so she knows her onions. She keeps up with the trends (which is why we like the blog so much) but more than that, everything she writes about YOU can actually DO – that’s not always the case with interior design blogs that focus on high end, high design, high price stuff.

Rachel loves a bargain so you’ll find plenty of of tips and advice on decorating on a budget and her style, as we said, is very modern but still worthy of a home you’d want to live in.

We pay particular attention to the decorating section. It’s fabulous for colour inspiration and helps guide us when we’re putting our own wall mural styles together.

Cosy Home Blog

Cosy Home Blog

That’s what it feels like when we visit this blog – cosy. And familiar. Which is unsurprising, as Cosy Home Blog is written also written by Rachel Newcombe, the author of Fresh Design Blog. Rachel, supported by contributor Sara Walker (at the time of writing) goes beyond the modern confines of Fresh Design Blog here though, branching out into cosier styles and ideas. So don’t think you’ll be reading the same thing!

Again, we focus on the decorating section when we visit, but there’s plenty of other stuff to enjoy while you’re there. From the garden through home ideas and crafts to food and drink, you will find something new to discover every time. There’s some great tips in the home ideas section and we also enjoy the ideas given for the garden – it’s nice to get out once in a while, after all!

Swoon Worthy

Swoon Worthy

Want something a bit different? Then you should definitely check out Swoon Worthy. It’s focus is on bohemian glamour – or eclectic boho glam as author Kimberley Duran describes her style.

On the blog Kimberley shares her tips for getting this particular look, the lessons she’s learned over the years perfecting her style and she even lets you tour her homes so you can see her ideas in action.

We like Swoon Worthy because it gives us ideas for our more…outlandish…wall mural ideas. We may not be eclectic boho glam, but it’s lurking in the background sometimes!

Dear Designer

Dear Designer

Carole King’s Dear Designer blog is, we think, ideally suited to those prefer a more traditional or vintage style. That seems to be Carole’s bag, baby.

Dear Designer has articles on entire makeovers AND small items that can transform a room which means it is perfect for budgets of all sizes. Carole’s expertise shines through in every post and you do feel like you’re in safe hands as you read through, taking inspiration from her ideas.

What WE like to do, however, is peruse the wonderful photography, paying particular attention to the walls and backgrounds. We’ve had some amazing ideas for wall murals off the back of Dear Designer – we reckon you might too.

Heart Home

Heart Home

A collaborative blog between the aforementioned Carole King and interior designer and stylist Arianna Trapani. With it’s ‘heart’ in interior design, Heart Home also covers food, travel, shopping and gardens…there’s something for everyone.

From the interior design point of view, Carole and Arianna really show their expertise with their insightful articles on anything and everything to do with the subject. And yes, there’s plenty on wallpaper in there too – in fact, a lot of the articles on wallpaper feature wall murals. Seems they are big fans!

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Right, here you go…one of the most inspiring blogs out there thanks to its guides on decorating, interior style, shopping even DIY, Apartment Therapy COULD be your one stop shop for interior design. There is so much on there you could spend hours reading through, taking notes and coming up with your own interpretations that you might never actually get around to decorating.

But if you CAN drag yourself away, then you’ll be armed with a battery of ideas and tips to transform a wall, a room or your entire home.

This is actually the blog we tend to visit LAST for that very reason…we’d never get anything done! We particularly recommend the Tours section, where you can visit other people’s homes to see what they’ve done with their space, whether large or small. It’s SO good!


No theme, no special reason…just trial and error (there were loads that just didn’t look right to us). These, we think, look the business. But it’s all about taste and opinion wen it comes to feature walls so perhaps you disagree? Feel free to let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


We had a browse on free image site Pixabay and came up with these 11 (yes, ELEVEN!) winter photos which we think make for amazing wallpaper murals for your home. We’ve even provided a direct link to each if you want to download the full hi-res version and upload it to our Wallbuilder to create your mural.

Of course, our own library contains literally thousands of winter images you could use too…your options are virtually endless! Now…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

We’ve chosen murals here that can be in situ all year round, but if you want something a little less permanent and a lot more Christmas related, then we recommend choosing our Peel & Stick wallpaper for those. It’s much easier to remove with little to no effort and can be replaced swiftly. Just a thought!

If the images above don’t quite match what you are looking for, then browse our gallery for winter images – we’re sure you’ll find the one you want.


The reason these murals will work all year round is that they focus on the beauty of the photograph, rather than the event to which they are most often associated. See what we mean…

If any of these tickle your fancy then search our extensive database for your choice of bonfire or firework wall murals.

PLEASE NOTE: The murals above are form our own personal database and aren’t available in the search. If you specifically want one of these, please get in touch. 


Richard’s mural featured pigeons in flight at various heights which he wanted to match to the slope of the ceiling. In addition, he had a second photograph which needed scaling to fit a smaller feature wall.

We were able to advise on the correct cropping and scaling of each, based on some rudimentary sketches he had provided. Satisfied that the final versions of the photos woul do the trick, he went on to place his order.

We printed the photographs to a high standard on Richard’s chosen wallpaper type; Paste the Wall. Did it all go to plan?

Take a look at the photos he kindly sent into us and make your own minds up!

Here’s what Richard had to say about his mural and Wallbeard:

“I have used these two scenes as wall paper on two separate complete walls in a downstairs cloakroom with a sloping ceiling painted pale blue to represent the sky, it looks fabulous!

“It has now been up for ten days or so and looks wonderful. Everyone who sees it thinks it is great and wants to know how I achieved this, so you are getting lots of publicity for free!!!

“Many thanks for a great result and your telephone help in achieving it.”

We’re delighted Richard is so happy with the results – and we invite you to ask us for help for your mural. We will always do what we can to get you the best feature wall you can imagine.


A well shot vista looks incredible just as a photograph. Now imagine it blown up to full wall size. Now imagine it blown up to YOUR full wall size. The result is awe inspiring.

Take a look at these examples – then find your own vista for your home or office. Please note, none of the images below are from our library – but we CAN get them for you. Just ask.

Can you see a stunning vista like these on a wall in your home? Search for yours now


So while we’ve covered this before, we thought it was high time we did it again.

Below are eight 3D wall mural ideas and all of them are available on Wallbeard right now (minus the watermark OF COURSE!) – we’ve even included direct links under each one so if you see one you like, just click through and get it! Let’s step through the looking glass…


In particular we think an oil painting makes for a truly beautiful and eye catching wall mural in your home or office.

We’ve put together seven examples to show you what we mean. Take a look, then browse our extensive range of oil painting wall murals.

Of course, you don’t have restrict yourself to oil paintings. Watercolours work too!


We’ve carefully chosen four new designs suited to decorating any area where the kids play or sleep. Introducing our children’s collection.





Each of these designs is customisable using our palette of over 250 colours, allowing you to create a truly personal wallpaper for your home. Match it to existing décor or begin a whole new design trend with a colour scheme of your choice. It’s really up to you!

See the whole Children’s Collection here.