The choice of black and white images for wall murals – especially large scale ones – can produce phenomenal results.

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There’s just something about a black and white photograph. Choosing black and white over colour can make a good photograph great.

Monochrome has been used for years by photographers to produce photographs with genuine emotion, feeling, atmosphere. What we want to demonstrate today is how well that transfers to wall murals.

A black and white wall mural is an absolute joy to behold in our view and, even better, it will sit very nicely in almost any style of décor you choose for the room in question. We’ve created several examples below to show you what we mean. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so why not pop over to our Facebook page and post your ideas for black and white wall murals?

TOP TIP: You can upload your own photos to our Wallbuilder and turn them black and white right there and then. Give it a try…you could create something truly WONDERFUL.

Search for your black and white wall mural now…or upload ANY photo of yours (of sufficient quality) and TURN it black and white in our Wallbuilder!

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