Create amazing wallpaper murals with your own photos.

Or search our library of thousands of stunning images for the perfect photo wallpaper for any location.

Express yourself with customisable pattern wallpaper.

Choose from over 20 designs and customise the colours and composition to suit your existing decor and tastes.
Select an Image or Upload Your Own
Customise the Size and Material
Installing your Mural

Select an Image or Upload Your Own

Search our library of photo wallpaper images by subject, type or colour or choose from our most popular images below. Alternatively, upload your own image to begin creating a unique photo wall mural all of your own.

TOP TIP: When uploading your own image, make sure the height and width in pixels is AT LEAST the same as the height and width of your wall in millimetres. So a 4m x 2m wall would require an image of 4000px x 2000px at 300dpi for us to reproduce it to the best quality.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be or have the permission of the copyright owner of the image you intend to use.

upload own image

Customise the Size and Material

Wallbeard offers you a choice of materials on which to produce your custom mural or photo wallpaper and all can be cut to fit any size or shape of wall.

Always measure the full width and height of the wall, ignoring doors, windows and slopes – these will be taken care of during installation.

Measuring your wall Our mural materials

Installing your Mural

To help you get the most out of your custom wall art we’ve produced a handy installation guide which you can find below.

Installation guide

So easy to install!


If the thought of actually having to wallpaper is putting you off getting your own Wallbeard wall mural then stop.

Our Peel & Stick wallpaper is SO simple and SO fast to install you’ll be done in less than an hour on a standard wall with a little help.

Take a look at the video to see JUST how easy it is – then go ahead and choose your mural brimming with confidence!

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