The finishing touch to every mancave – a wall mural dedicated to what you love!

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You might already have one or you might be planning one – a mancave, that is. That one room in the house, or perhaps a converted shed or garage, where you can escape to and enjoy the thing YOU love. Watching football, rugby, Formula 1 or some other sport, binge watching movies or your favourite TV shows, playing games on your PC, Xbox or Playstation or perhaps sinking a few beers with mates and enjoying a game of snooker or pool.

However you enjoy your mancave, you’ll want it to reflect your passions and pleasures. That’s where Wallbeard comes in. Imagine dedicating an entire wall of your mancave to that singular love of yours, whether it’s film, TV, sports, gaming or socialising – well, we’re here to tell you we’ve got the wall mural for you.

Just take a look at these!

For the socialiser…

To give your mancave a more bar like feel, these two wall murals are absolutely ideal. Position behind your home bar or use as a feature wall, it’s really up to you.

A classic beer barrel, just ready to pour you your next libation…

Game of pool, anyone?

Rack ’em!

For the sports enthusiast…

Football…rugby…Formula 1…cricket…whatever your favourite sport, you’ll find an appropriate wall mural here at Wallbeard. Alternatively, you could use one of your own photos. Either way, something like these examples will transform your mancave.

Kick off with this wall mural!


Legendary. Iconic.

Glory, glory…

For the film buff…

Turned your mancave into the ultimate cinematic experience? Top it off with a mural featuring an iconic scene from your favourite movie (you’ll need permission to use the image though!), choose from one of our relevant wall murals or simply celebrate the art of film with a cinematic image like this first one…

Give your film-centric mancave a retro look.

“Punch it!”

Celebrating Marvel, the Avengers and Ironman.

For the Star Wars fans, of course.

Finally, for the gamer…

Many mancaves are dedicated to the pleasures of gaming. PC and console set ups, lighting and uber comfortable furniture are all a requirement. What will really set your gaming mancave apart, though, is photo wallpaper dedicated to the genre. We think these are AWESOME.

Classic Mario wall art – accompanied by Luigi and Yoshi!

For the Minecraft officianado.

Retro gaming with a Space Invaders mural.

The point of this wallblog is to show you just how AMAZING your mancave can be with the addition of a photowallpaper wall mural. It’ll be even more ‘you’ if you use one of your own photos too. Just think about it…could be a photo you’ve taken at a football match, a pic of you and your mates or a screenshot of your best ever score. Whatever you like. You supply it, we’ll print it on high quality wallpaper and you just stick it up.

Go forth, men, and decorate!

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