A wall adorned with many photos of key moments in your life, your children and family or friends and holidays can be a joy to behold. But the truth is, to do it properly you need to invest in printing the photographs, framing them and then hanging them.

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Or do you?

What if you had all your favourite photos put together in a digtal collage and then printed onto wallpaper to create a truly stunning wallpaper you can hang in any room you like?

With Wallbeard it’s really simple. Just make sure you use high resolution images, combine them into a digital collage large enough to reproduce in print to the scale of the wall you want it on (use a free service like Canva or get a professional to do it for you) and them simply upload it here and we’ll do the rest!

Here’s an example we’ve put together to give you an idea of what we mean – shown in different roomsets to give you inspiration.

Family Photo Collage - Living Room

The living room is often the heart of a home – so where better to install a family photo wall mural?

Family Photo Collage Wall Mural - Dining Room

A family photo collage wall mural where the family comes together to eat. Perfect.

Photo Collage Wall Mural - Bedroom

Putting your favourite family photos in your bedroom is a no brainer – it’s the ideal sight to wake up to!

There’s no stopping you creating a photo collage mural for any other room in your house, of course. The kitchen or home office are other ideal candidates for example.

For a semi-permanent wall mural we recommend you use either our Paste the Wall or Spray & Up wallpapers. If, however, you want to change your wall mural more regularly – perhaps as your children grow – then opt for the self adhesive Peel & Stick option.

As ever, if you do create your own photo collage wall mural, we’d love to see it. Just email it in to us at hello@wallbeard.com.

Happy days!

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