Motivation right there on your wall.

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Whether you work from home, have a sideline business or just do the odd bit of overtime from the comfort of your own home office, you’re going to want it to be an environment that both motivates AND provides a reasonable level of comfort. That goes as much for the décor as it does the furniture.

Plain old wallpaper or paint just isn’t going to cut it – that’s why photo wallpaper murals are an ideal choice for this increasingly common room. While our collection of amazing murals will contain images that would suit, we feel that a photo of your own is likely to serve you best as they will better reflect you, your personality and the reasons you have for creating an office in your own home.

Consider these options:

  • Photos of family – the reason you work so hard
  • Holiday photos – the goals you set for your work
  • Hobby photos – the things you do to put the working day behind you

Whichever you choose, you can create your unique wall mural using our Wallbuilder tool. Just upload your photo, tweak it until your happy and buy!

Of course, if you’d prefer to use one of our own images then you could choose from many cityscapes, perhaps one you’d like to visit, or maybe a brightly coloured abstract to help motivate your mind when you’re feeling the pace.

The choice, as ever with Wallbeard, is yours!

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