Pinterest inspired Hannah Chatterton to use one of her own photos to create a wall mural for her kitchen in an unusual but really clever way…

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We love it when our customers share their wall murals with us. We love it even more when they’ve done something unusual with them!

Hannah used the photo above – one of her own – to create a mural for her kitchen that would serve as the splashback to her cooker. Having installed the mural as usual it was then covered with a sheet of glass fixed to the wall, a trick Hannah had seen on Pinterest.

So…what does she have to say about it?

The mural looks great. I had it made to go behind my glass splash-back in the kitchen. I’d seen it been done on Pinterest!  So thought I’d give it a go. I absolutely love it and have had so many comments from friends and family. It was so easy to put up and I am just in love with it. It finishes off my kitchen and adds a bit of my personality!

What a brilliant idea – We reckon if you’ve got the right photo you could use a Wallbeard wall mural to create a splashback like this all around the kitchen or even in the bathroom, perhaps in a shower cubicle or just above the bath. If you’re worried about using glass, clear acrylic would do just as good a job.

So there you have it – a Pinterest-inspired wall mural splashback idea for you to consider.

Remember, you can use your own photo, just like Hannah, or choose from hundreds of thousands from our library.

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