Save time AND money bringing nature’s own materials into your home or office.

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There are many examples where natural materials have been used to create amazing spaces. Exposed brickwork, wood panelling, natural stone, granite and marble are all materials used by interior designers and architects to make feature walls or convey a feeling in certain rooms.

The problem? Yes, they can look stunning…but they’re usually very expensive.

How can you create the same effect in your own home on a budget then? With custom photo wallpaper. We’ve got some examples below for you to look at but first here’s the benefits of using photo wallpaper to create your own natural feature wall:

  • as we said, it’s incredibly cheap compared to using the real thing
  • the choice of not only material but style and design is vast
  • it’s really easy to hang, far easier than applying panelling or building a wall
  • it can easily be replaced, whereas a stone wall is a major job
  • it looks just as good, if not better. UV printing of high resolution photos gives fantastic results

Hopefully you can see that photo wallpaper is the way to go. Now here’s what you can achieve…

Wood Effect Murals

Stone Wall Murals

Brick Wall Murals

There are hundreds of natural material wall murals to choose from in our database – or you can upload your own photo of the exact matrial you’d like on your walls. The choice is yours.

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