Decorating your office, reception or meeting rooms with wall murals that reflect what your business does is a great way to liven up your workplace.

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Not only that, it can impress existing and prospective clients, motivate your employees and leave a lasting, positive impression.

The possibilities are endless. You could use photos that hint at your company’s name, simply show what the business does, photos of your locations, photos that play to your company’s heritage, more abstract murals that look fantastic and demonstrate at what you’re all about…the only real limitation is your imagination.

Even better, you can use photos you’ve taken of your premises, your staff, your processes…anything that genuinely shows how you operate. Again…your imagination is your only limit!

We’ve put together a few ideas that we hope will inspire you to consider a photo wall mural the next time you decorate your offices. Take a look…


Hopefully you understand what we’re trying to show you and you’ve already got some great ideas for your office makeover. Oh, and you’re office décor, branding and the like doesn’t have to be restricted to wallpaper. We can print your images to a number of materials suitable for almost any area of your premises. Take a look at our Wallbeard for Business page and get in touch.

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