Bringing an industrial feel into a home or office is not a new thing – but it’s set to make a comeback in 2020 with concrete wallpapers. Here’s why.

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It may not be the first thing you think you of when considering a feature wall, but a concrete finish brings many benefits depending on the style you choose.

It’s an interesting way to introduce a natural design element. Concrete is, after all, stone and it will surely create a talking point in your home. It can also be quite rustic, which adds warmth and comfort to a room.

Colours, too, play their part and can be matched to existing decor or used to contrast in a striking or subtle way. In fact, the finish and shade of a concrete wall mural will be determined by where you install it.

For example, if you’re looking at introducing the effect to your bathroom, then a whiter shade and more industrial finish will be eye catching whilst retaining the clean feel you want in a bathroom. For a living room, work space or home office, you’ll likely want to opt for a darker, more grey or slightly tinted shade for a more inviting finish.

You can add an even more rustic feel by using a distressed – or broken, if you prefer! – concrete finish, or a strongly industrial effect with a cast concrete mural.

We’ve chosen some examples below to demonstrate how effective a concrete wall mural can be. Feel free to search our library for your concrete wallpaper.

This is what we would consider to be a standard concrete wall mural. It is hugely effective at bringing the natural design element into a room and because it is almost featureless, it can be used on large walls to great effect. Of course, using the Wallbuilder the image can be cropped to fit small walls and will still look stunning.

The distressed concrete look – here in a light shade – brings a more rustic feel to a room. We think this sort of mural is ideal for a bathroom, as it makes the ideal backdrop to plants and creates a focus for the room. Just wonderful.

Sticking with the bathroom, if you want a colder, more industrial feel then using an image of pre-cast concrete works very well. Here we’ve included the floor at the base of the mural, which creates the illusion of extra space – ideal for the smaller bathroom.

Of course, as we said at the start, not every room benefits from the cold, hard concrete look – but you can retain the design element and introduce warmth with coloured concrete. The three examples below demonstrate this perfectly.

If these ‘flat’ concrete murals aren’t for you then don’t despair. Using interesting concrete structures as a feature wall brings the industrial feel and also benefits from the striking look of a black and white mural – something we’ve covered before. The other benefit of choosing a concrete mural with more features to it is that the work extremely well on smaller walls. Take a look at these examples.

As you can see, concrete structures really draw the eye, making them ideal for a feature wall in any home or office.

Is concrete a design trend you would consider? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. And have a look at our library of concrete murals or upload your own.

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