A chalkboard effect wallpaper mural is both understated yet eye catching. They’re also perfectly suited to kitchens, home offices and places of business…but can be used in any room really.

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The look of chalk on blackboard is pretty unique and lends itself beautifully to creating amazing and very specific wall murals for your home or place of business. Because it’s black and white, a chalkboard mural compliments almost any existing décor too.

For us here at Wallbeard we think they look best in the kitchen but if you have the right design, they can look amazing in most rooms. We’ve pulled out some examples to show you. Let us know what you think.

Please note that all of these images are available in our Adobe Stock library, hence the watermark. Your finished wallpaper will be to the highest quality and have NO watermarks!

How would you use a chalkboard style mural in your home or for your business? Take a look at our library and choose one for yourself.

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