This is a question that gets asked a lot and the short answer is – YES! But there ARE some things you need to consider before you take the plunge, as it were!

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Wallpaper murals are a fantastic addition to any bathroom, bringing it to life or providing a cheap way to recreate the look of expensive materials such as marble. However, do think about the following before investing in a mural for your bathroom.


The location of your wallpaper mural is important. Inside a shower cubicle or right next to a shower is a big no. While the odd splash won’t damage wallpaper, sustained exposure to water, steam and heat will make it peel no matter what you do.

You can still enjoy a wall mural in a shower cubicle or near to a shower – reverse printed clear acrylic is what you need. If you fancy this, please get in touch, as we can also produce this for you.

Behind a bath – especially a free standing one – would be alright, as it won’t get soaked (unless you’ve got splashing kids! Bear that in mind!) and the amount of heat and moisture coming off a hot bath wouldn’t be too detrimental.

That said, position your bathroom wallpaper mural away from the bath, shower and sink if you can.


The more ventilation you have, the better. Whether it is via windows, fans or both, the quicker moisture in the air can disperse, the better it will be for your bathroom wallpaper. If you have very little ventilation in your bathroom we would recommend you stay away from wallpaper as it will eventually peel and curl.

Choosing the right paper

You may be tempted to go for a self adhesive wallpaper for your bathroom but this would be a mistake. The adhesive is much more susceptible to heat and moisture than a traditional paste and will loose its ‘sticky’ properties over time no matter how well ventilated your bathroom is.

Stick with the tried and tested wallpaper paste. From our options, we would always recommend Paste the Wall for bathrooms – it’s much easier to apply, it makes hanging the wallpaper simpler and it will last longer than any other type.

If your paper does peel

If you underestimated how steamy your bathroom gets or overestimated how much ventilation you have and your wallpaper mural¬†does begin to peel, DON’T PANIC.

If you act quickly enough, your mural can be repaired by purchasing extra adhesive to re-seal it. This is easy to do around the edges and seams. However, you will likely need to install some form of extra ventilation to prevent it happening again. A window or wall fan – which allows moisture out quickly – or even an additional window – would do the trick.

My bathroom measures up…inspire me!

You have a well ventilated bathroom with a wall perfectly positioned and crying out for a mural, do you? Ok…here’s some ideas for you!

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