The second stop on our road trip across America is none other than New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Famed for 24/7 nightlife; pulsating live music; gumbo; the bayou; spicy food; French / African / American influences and, of course, MARDI GRAS.

The Big Easy, as it is known, is a truly unique experience and it stands to reason that if you’ve EVER visited you’re going to want to remember the occasion.

What better way than to dig out your photos from your trip and turn them into a stunning wallpaper wall mural for your home? Or, if you failed to get any photos (too busy PARTYING, perhaps?!), search our extensive library for the perfect New Orleans mural.

Have a look at the sort of style you can create with images from America’s most diverse city…

Join us next time as we look at what the City of Angels, Los Angeles, has to offer for a super stunning wall mural for your home!

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