From maps to nature – wall murals kids love.

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Every child has a passion or two at any one time, one that we as parents often want to encourage. Whether it’s the a passion for learning about a particular subject, a passion for a current trend or just their favourite subject, a related wall mural displayed in their bedroom will not only encourage that passion but also amaze the child!

Wallbeard has a wide range of photo wallpaper designs created specifically to help in the education of everyone – whether it’s a map of the world, a chart of the solar system or a busy “under the sea” mural, you (or your child!) can choose from 100s of designs that will, without doubt, match your child’s interests and help them grow their knowledge and passion for it.


For those children who adore Spongebob Squarepants (or any other kind of marine life!) then a wall mural like this is sure to amaze.


There’s nothing more awe-inspiring than planets, moons, stars and space rockets. So if your child is into “all that space stuff” then an equally awe-inspiring photo
wallpaper mural such as this one is just the thing for the bedroom. Add a little clever lighting and some accessories and there’s no end to what you could create.

Solar System Wall Mural


If your child is an animal lover – be it pets or wild animals – then a wall mural of their favourite animal will be ideal for his or her bedroom.

Penguin Wall Mural

Installing a wall mural such as this in your child’s bedroom is ideal – it’s where they work, where they play, where they sleep – so they’ll enjoy and benefit from it almost all the time.

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