We’ve scrolled through over 100 interior design Instagram accounts and picked out what we think are 10 of the very best that you should follow in 2020.

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What you will get from following these Instagram accounts is inspiration…and a little bit of envy!

We’ve gone for a mix of bold, colour obsessed Grammers, stark black and white Grammers and those who sit somewhere in between.

The majority are from the UK, with a couple of American designers thrown in who have remarkable ideas we think would translate across the ocean very nicely indeed.

Whether you’re looking to do a full home renovation, a single room makeover or just add a few smaller touches to change the look and feel you’ll find something from all these Instagram accounts to give you ideas or just outright copy.

We begin with…


Justin’s Design at Ninteen feed charts his renovation of his terraced home in London. It’s a modern design that manages to remain welcoming and homely, with none of the starkness you might expect. There’s lots of nice touches in his photos that you can use and even better, lots of hacks and upcycling ideas in his featured stories. Well worth following and revisiting as you redecorate or renovate your own home.


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If you’re looking to introduce or expand the cottage feel in your home then you couldn’t do much better than follow Hannah’s Cotswold Cottage Gram. Hannah uses the natural elements of her cottage to great effect, combining them with soft and bold colours depending on the room and her use of ornaments, furnishings and fixtures is just perfect for the cottage look. You’ll be able to pick up a lot of great ideas following this account. Oh, and there are cute little cockerpoos too!


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Inside No 8 is the IDEAL Instagram account to follow if you’re after the modern look. We’re talking contrasting white, grey and black tones, ultra-modern furniture, fixtures and fittings and innovative use of lighting. And yet…No. 8 is a very welcoming home. Where the white and grey may seem like it would look drab and uninviting, the soft lighting and carefully chosen furnishings literally transform this home. Definitely one of our favourites.


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A tremendous mix of interiors inspiration is provided by Anna and Sally’s Green & Mustard feed. It’s simply pic after pic of amazing ideas covering everything from furnishings through décor to fixtures. If you’re struggling to add those finishing touches to your home makeover we think you’ll find what you’re after somewhere in this epic Instagram feed. They even feature wall murals…


If the minimalism is not for you but you’re not sure how to implement the busier style of décor then Almost Everything Off Ebay is the account for you! Robyn Donaldson Instagram feed is a an absolute joy to behold. Robyn is “trying to make Foxberry Towers into a palace on a pittance” – and she’s packed it out with stuff, including books, framed pictures, furniture and more…but it doesn’t look a mess. It’s an incredible example of how to create a beautiful space on a budget too.


If you fancy bringing the outside in to your home then you should definitely follow The Jungalow. This Instagram feed is packed with ideas on how to introduce a few (or a lot) of plants to a room and, as the name suggests, a lot of them are jungle themed. But it’s not JUST about plants. Wallpaper, carefully selected furnishings and other ornaments are used to get the same effect. Check it out – then take a look at our jungle-themed wallpaper murals too!


Broadening the outside in look from the jungle to all kinds of plants, Plants in Decor shows you some wonderful ways to introduce plant life in abundance, either to a single room or your entire home. From elaborate, room takeovers to simple but effective plant displays, this Instagram account is a must-follow if you want the lush green look in your home.


Getting about as opposite as you can get we not only hop across the pond to the States but we end up at an account the eschews the green and lush for the dry and arid. The Joshua Treehouse Instagram account features the home of Sara and Rich Combs of Joshua Tree, California. They love open desert landscapes and this is reflected in their interior design ideas for their home and the properties they let out near the Joshua Tree National Park. It’s difficult to describe their style…but we think it can be brought into a UK home to dramatic effect. Give them a follow and see what you think.


Staying in America, we highly recommend following Our Faux Farmhouse for what is, in our opinion, a really over-the-top but still very workable style. Holly and Brad have adopted the farmhouse style for what is decidedly NOT a farmhouse and it should give you the confidence to apply whatever style you want onto any property – your interior décor really doesn’t have to match the exterior of your property. In fact, blowing people’s expectations out of the water when they enter is half the fun! There’s a lot of DIY advice here too…well worth a follow.


For our last Instagram account we’re back in Blighty, Bristol to be precise, and Abi Dare’s These Four Walls Blog Instagram account. Abi keeps things simple – not quite minimalist, but definitely simple. There is a lot of black and white in her ideas. It’s the ideal inspiration for the modern home. Classy, elegant. We think her style would be ideal for a flat or small home…so if that’s where you are and you like a modern look, you should definitely give Abi a follow right now!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round up of the top 10 2020 Instagram accounts to follow for interior design ideas and have found at least a couple to tickle your fancy. Oh, of course…you should follow us on Instagram too, for all the wallpaper mural inspiration you can handle!

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